Composition, Theme and Concept, Video Design and Direction, Keyboards

Rrituraj, as a musician and composer, has been a part of ace singer Arun Das’s band in the late nineties. Originally from Guwahati, Assam, his mother had a great influence and his father a big boost to his musical journey since an early age. He has spent about 6 years in Jorhat, the cultural capital of Assam, where he picked up most of his musical learning. Post that he spent about 10 years in Bangalore when he was a part of the band Aurko. His work as a Consultant with a leading IT firm took him to London in 2009 where he is now currently based and works very closely over his free time, including week ends, with talented individuals across the world to showcase them through back2music. His compositions ranges from the rustic touch of rural life to the contemporary feel of the urban world and echos the very strong and emotional bond that he has with Assam, India. A self taught videographer, he conceptualizes, directs and edits the videos of the songs back2music composes.

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