How it all started

Hello, Everyone!

I am Rrituraj. Yes, I am writing all the Trivia that is associated with this unique concept of ‘back2music’ and its musical journey. Indra, my counterpart, the shy and soft spoken guy that he is, is kind of relieved that he doesn’t have to do this and has very happily asked me to go ahead and share with you all some of the wonderful moments that we have had creating back2music and giving it the shape that it has now. So here I go.. Continue Reading

Xoloni Prithivi

Xoloni Prithivi’ happened. .

. . .much before back2music was born. It was sometime in 2002, Bangalore was the city. One of our many jamming sessions … Indra was working in a leading bank then confused with the idea of what to do with his future life … whether to continue with a banking career or go fulltime into music. Later, as we know now, he chose the latter. I remember Rajnish, a close friend and a drummer who by nature enjoys any form of good music was also present. Continue Reading

Axomi Aai Tuloi Morom Kiman

Axomor Husori British-r Suburit

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